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Behaviour training games

In the field of training games, Interactive 4D offers both services and products :
• services : development of bespoke serious games, customized upon the needs of training organisations and companies,
• products : a portfolio of off-the-shelf behaviour training games.

These games are immediately available and can be seen as a training tool box for training organizations, companies and HR trainers who wish to organize innovative and playful training sessions rapidly and at reasonable costs.

This offer is structured according to pedagogical topics corresponding to generic training needs of managers and sales teams (click on the links below for more details).

Games can be played online, against virtual or real players, preferably under the supervision of an expert trainer. They can be accessed:
• directly on a dedicated website like www.e-callinggame.com or www.e-selling.fr
• via our e-learning portal or platform i4D AccessTM
• or via your own e-learning platform / LMS (Learning Management System).

Some of these training games can be played autonomously, without the trainer. In that case, the trainer can check the results of the player and if needed organize a training session before and/or after the gaming sessions.

Games related to project management and leadership training need the trainer to be with the players during the gaming sessions as the games are played in a simultaneous multiplayer mode. For these games, the trainer's role is to animate the three following steps :
• A briefing before the gaming session,
• A monitoring / facilitation of the gaming session,
• A debriefing after the gaming session.

(For a detailed study of your training needs, please contact us by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on +33 9 53 32 47 47).


Project management :

These business simulations and serious games aim at developing the skills of managers and future managers in the field of project management, project control and project leadership.

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Customer relationship management :

These business simulations and serious games aim at developing the skills of sales people, managers and future managers in the field of sales and business negotiations that include stakeholders with conflicting interests.

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Change management : 

This business simulation teaches how to manage an organisational change initiative.

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Leadership :

The aim of this serious game is to raise awareness among managers and future managers towards the art of leadership and collaborative work.

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Human resources :

The aim of these serious games is to sensibilize managers and future managers to the art of preparing and conducting individual interviews within a team (recruiting, annual, group interviews...).

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