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Analysis of a customer's needs



With this serious game, business managers will better understand their client's needs during a sales conversation and thus improve their business performance.

The player will learn how to master the best practices of a sales meeting. He is encouraged to become aware of the issues of a sales meeting. He learns to identifiy the customer's needs and optimize his behavior to this type of meeting. He will be able to build a sales strategy through questioning techniques and identify the key points that will convice the customer.


Training goals for the sales meeting :

A sales meeting is essential to analyse the client's needs and increase business performance of the seller. At the end of the game, the player will be able to start a sales meeting with an adequate presentation, to identify the steps of a sales process and develop a marketing strategy. He will apply the questioning techniques to identify the customer's needs and will be able to detect errors in the sales process. He will practice the basics of active listening and apply the best practices to close a sale.


Scenario :

In the game, the learner will play the part of a sales representative of ecological and fair trade products, who is preparing to present its catalogue to a manager of a services company. After making contact, the salesman must precisely analyse the client's needs and make an offer of products and services matching with the expectations.


Gameplay :

During the game, the player will learn how to master a sales meeting and use the questioning techniques which are essential to target the needs of a client. While respecting the marketing strategy, he will practice the active listening, manage strong objections and clearly communicate to convince and make the sale.


Duration of the serious game : 30 minutes approximately


Specificities of the game :

This serious game is accessible online and can be played in a single player mode, ideally under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Precalculated 3D animations of the avatars (the player has no influence on the movements of his avatar and can only pilot the dialog with the other virtual character).

Training sessions for trainers can be arranged for companies wishing to conduct their own training programs.