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Training goals : develop skills in leadership, decision making and team building

NoviCraft has been awarded as the best e-learning solution of the year 2009 in Finland.

In a NoviCraft session, the problems are solved through negotiation. The game tasks are based on the latest academic research and meant to support awareness of collaboration, leadership and learning in different problem-solving situations.

After the game, participants reflect their virtual adventure together with a certified NoviCraft facilitator. The aim is to recognize the strengths and development areas, both on a team and on a individual level. The reflection phase is also linked to daily work situations.

Fun and inspiring, NoviCraft is a serious game that aims at increasing shared understanding and team spirit. In a NoviCraft training session, participants solve the game problems together and experience the virtual world through their avatars. Everyone must play and build a shared view together. The virtual adventure proposed helps improving communication and social interaction.

Participants develop key team building and leadership skills such as :

• taking other's perpective and building trust,

• sharing decision making, improving negotation skills,

• collaborate in solving problems, coordinate in joint actions,  

• taking risks, strategic and implementation skills, 

 designing and delivering a project, succeeding together.




Who is this for :

• Project and team managers, junior to senior managers, any member of a team

• Directors and general managers


References :

• Entreprises : Microsoft Finland, Credit Suisse, Nordea Bank, Nokia Siemens Networks, Accenture

• Education : JTO School of Management


Training context :

• With a certified NoviCraft facilitor's supervision

• Participants organised in teams of 3 to 7, in order to share information and experiences


Training goals :

• For companies : increases productivity, contributes to well-being, inspires people, helps in performance assessments

• For teams : improves the quality of team work, accelerates teaming, teaches collaborative learning skills, trains decision-making

• For managers : improves leadership and team skills, increases self-knowledge, encourages to communicate, activates to equal participation


Duration :

• Within a 1 day workshop :

• Presentation of the serious game (1 hour),

• Session of multiplayers game (2 to 4 hours according to participants and to the game level),

• Debriefing and analysis (1 to 2 hours),

• Links to daily work situations (1 to 2 hours).


Structure of the game : Dialogs between participants while playing with virtual characters in the same universe.


Languages :

• English

• French

• Finnish


Scenario :

• The players are trapped in an island and have to escape. Through their avatar, they will participate to five collective adventures, facing stressfull situations and solving problems together. 


Immersion : 

• 3D real time (immersive) technology combined with soft skills 

• No game experience is required 

• NoviCraft can be played either online from several locations or onsite in one location.