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Recruitment tools



This serious game is designed to help recruiters assessing the skills of a candidate for a vacancy.  It consists of three business scenarios which allow to measure the abilities of applicants for a manager position.


Training goals of the recruitment tools  :

The recruitment tools are commonly used by recruiters. They are good indicators of the abilities of a candidate to handle professional situations.  The realistic simulations, taken from a professional context, enable to better assess a candidate's behaviour in a professional environment.  The business situations, deliberately short (no more than 10 minutes) are presented to the applicant in an interactive way. He has to make the most appropriate and relevant choices, depending on the context.  The range of skills assessed is very large : capacity to influence, openness to change, decision making, teamwork, integrity, professional  commitment and  management style.


Start of the game :

The applicant meets at first Patrick, the virtual recruiter responsible for the interview,  wishing to assess several skills necessary for the job.  The recruiter explains to him the assessment's rules. Then the candidate is faced with three different business situations allowing to measure his skills.


3 simulations scenarios  :

The player will, at first, play the part of a marketing director  who has to consider his young assistant's new ideas. Then, he will personify an event manager who wishes to delegate a new project to an assistant.  Finally, he will embody a customer services manager  who needs to interview an assistant and set her new goals. During the game, the candidate will be tested on a wide range of skills such as the ability to manage a team, openness to change, capacity to influence, decision making and management style.


Duration of the serious game : 30 minutes approximately, 10 minutes for each scenario.


Specifications of the game :

The feedback, very complete, allows the recruiter to compare several candidates on the basis of identical criteria and results collected.

The serious game can be played online in a single player mode, ideally under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Training sessions for trainers can be arranged for companies wishing to conduct their own training program.




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