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Delegation interview



The serious game is designed to train managers and future managers to the art of delegation through interviews.

The player is encouraged to become aware of the issues of a delegation interview. He learns how to master the best practices and optimize the conduct of this type of interview. He will be able to identify and distribute effectively tasks to delegate, and apply the structure of a successful delegation interview.


Training goals for the delegation interview:

A delegation interview is essential to identify and distribute effectively tasks to delegate among  collaborators.  After training, the learner will be able to set up the structure of a good delegation interview while applying the rules of a successful delegation. He will be able to communicate clearly his expectations, to transmit information about task delegation and motivate successfully its employees for their new missions.  He will be able to practice active listening, show his willingness to collaborators and adapt his management style to the personality of these.



In the game, the learner will have to play the part of a manager, which have to delegate three defined tasks (perform market research, organize a meeting, make a budget) to five employees whose personality and skills are very different. The player will have to delegate the right task to the right person and deliver the relevant information for a successful delegation



During the interview, the player must give his employee new assignments requiring involvment and a certain amount of work. The learner will have to choose the best answers to motivate his collaborator and obtain his maximum involvement.


Duration of serious game: 30 minutes approximately.


Specificities of the game:

The serious game is accessible online and is played in a single player mode, ideally under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Training sessions for trainers can be arranged for companies wishing to conduct their own training programs.



Serious game proposed in partnership with ITycom

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