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 Jumping New Year

January 2018

Interactive 4D wishes you a happy new year. May the game force be with you in 2018!

This mini-game will help you practice jumping obstacles this year!

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Mission Refueling M

December 7th 2017

For the third year in a row, Interactive 4D has received a prestigious "European Serious Games Award" during the ‪Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA), organized by the Serious Games Society in Lisbon (Portugal) from Dec. 5th to 7th 2017.

A jury of European experts awarded the first prize in the business category to Mission Refueling, a serious game developed by Interactive 4D for the TOTAL group, one of the largest oil and gas companies and chemical manufacturers in the world.

Mission Refueling is a fun and interactive awareness game designed to raise awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields. The target users are pilots of light airplanes and flight schools students.

This interactive awareness tool can be played (currently only in French):

. on a computer (PC or Mac) on www.missionrefueling.com

. on a Android smartphone or tablet via Google Play

. on an iPhone or an iPad via the App Store

Click here for more info on Mission Refueling.


November 14th-16th 2017

Interactive 4D participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress à Barcelone, one of the world most important events in the field of smart cities. This show attracted representants of urban authorities, world experts, startups, investors and companies who design or use digital solutions for cities and territorial authorities. More than 19 000 visitors and 675 exhibitors representing more than 700 cities and more than 120 countries gathered to the 2017 edition.

Along with four other startups of the PACA region, Interactive 4D has presented its innovative educational and promotional solutions on the C358 booth, a regional booth organized by the cluster SCS (Secured Communicating Solutions).

Visitors have discovered the original awareness games and territorial promotion tools proposed by Interactive 4D :

awareness towards topics of general interest (environment, biodiversity, security...)

discovery of the artistic heritage of museums

promotion of the touristic and cultural heritage sites

territorial communication with multiplatform augmented reality.

CCI Nice-Workshop image et creativite

September 19th 2017

Alexis Lacapelle, CEO of Interactive 4D, was invited by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur to participate in a round table of economic actors of the Image and Creativity ecosystem in the Côte d’Azur area.

The aim of this round table was to present experiences in the field of startups development, new jobs and new competencies, new medias and usage, innovation...

The other participants were representing the University Côte d’Azur, Adastra Films, Objeos, Machina Films and Webelse. 

More information can be found on the website of CCI Nice Côte d'Azur.




July 11th-12th 2017

Meeting of the European consortium of the Polycare project at the hospital of Barbastro (Spain).

POLYCARE is a European Research and Innovation project in the field of telemedicine, aiming at developping a digital integrated care system.

In this project, Interactive 4D is responsible for the development of a gamified mobile application that connects doctors in hospitals to patients using wearable health measurement devices at their home with the help of formal and informal care givers.


POLYCARE is funded within the European framework Horizon 2020 for the period 2016 to 2018. The most innovative digital technologies in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, machine learning and gamification techniques are involved.

Updated information about the project are regularly published on this page and on the official website of the POLYCARE project during the whole life of the project.

Innovative-City S




Skizzz Game-ski 


July 5 – July 6, 2017

Interactive 4D selected to exhibit on the PACA regional booth at the Innovative City show in Nice.

Innovative City showcases French expertise; it is a major event in the Smart City.

Come and meet us at the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region booth 56, which has selected Interactive 4D among all the regional startups that use innovative tools to help local public entities that want to organize awareness or communication events.

As an example for the Smart Mountain regional plan, Interactive 4D will present Skizzz Game, a video game specifically designed to raise awareness about safety rules and behavior on the ski slopes among young skiers and snowboarders (European Serious Game Award 2016).

In addition to the educational game designed for national public entities (*), it is possible to develop custom versions to accurately match the layout of a specific ski resort: mountains, skiing area, architecture, and environmental wealth...

Besides its educational purpose, the game could be used as:
- a promotional tool for tourism which gives future visitors a chance to virtually discover the ski resort,
- a touristic event tool to support all kinds of activities and contests in ski resorts.

(*) Skizzz Game was designed and developed by Interactive 4D for the FNSSDS (Fédération Nationale de la Sécurité et des Secours sur les Domaines Skiables) with support from the following institutions:

- Department of the City, of Youth Affairs and Sports (Ministère de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sports),
- National Association of Mountain Resort Mayors (Association National des Maires de Stations de Montagne
- French Ski Areas (Domaines Skiables de France
- National Union of Ski Instructors (Syndicat National des Moniteurs du Ski Français
- National Association of Trails and Ski Resort Safety Directors (Association nationale des Directeurs de Pistes et de la Sécurité de stations de sports d'hiver

VivaTech 2017-stand


Interactive 4D sur VivaTech 

June 15 – June 17, 2017

Interactive 4D selected to exhibit on the PACA regional booth at the VivaTech show in Paris.

VivaTech sets itself as the world meeting place for Innovation and Startups. For its second edition, more than 50,000 visitors are expected to come to the Porte de Versailles from June 15 to June 17.
Come and meet us at the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region (booth J34-012) which has selected Interactive 4D as one of the region's most innovative startups.


April 24, 2017

Interactive 4D joins EducAzur

EducAzur’s goal is to become the first European cluster dedicated to EdTechs and to e-Education, and to make the French Riviera the French and European showcase for EdTechs and e-Education by 2020.
"We are proud to participate in the EducAzur cluster and strengthen our ties with the French Riviera’s public and private players in the e-Education and EdTechs sectors with whom we hope to collaborate," said Alexis Lacapelle, Interactive 4D CEO.


March 10, 2017

Interactive 4D at the EduSpot conference

Interactive 4D participated in the EdTech: Discover Cap Digital’s Best during the first edition of the EduSpot France show, which lasted from March 8 to March 10, 2017 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

EduSpot France is the meeting place for all actors in e-education, e-training and e-technology in Elementary, Secondary and Higher education, in professional training and in continuing education.

The EdTech: Discover Cap Digital’s Best conference was organized by EdFab, Cap Digital’s EdTech division (Ile-de-France’s digital innovation center).

Among 179 members of Cap Digital involved in education and training, a dozen highly innovative EdTech startups came to pitch their innovative ideas during the conference.

Alexis Lacapelle, Interactive 4D CEO, presented Interactive 4D’s novel offer in serious games and interactive e-learning tools, and answered questions from education professionals in attendance.



Night Caller


January 2017

Interactive 4D wishes you a happy New Year!

We would to start this year on a happy mode and have therefore created a (non-serious) mini-game, inspired by E-Calling Game, your training game dedicated to customer relationship over the phone.

You can Download it on Google Play to play on an Android mobile or tablet or on the AppStore to play on an Iphone or an iPad.

Have fun!


December 7, 2016

Interactive 4D has received a "European Serious Games Award" during the ‪Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA), organized by the Serious Games Society in Utrecht (Netherlands) from Dec. 5th to 7th 2016.

A jury of European experts has ranked Skizzz Game second in the business category.

Skizzz Game is an awareness game created by Interactive 4D that aims at raising awareness towards security rules and behaviours on ski and snowboarding slopes.

This interactive awareness tool can be played (currently only in French):

. on a computer (PC or Mac) thanks to the website dedicated to the prevention of accidents made by the French Ministry of Sports

. on a Android smartphone or tablet via Google Play

. on an iPhone or an iPad via the App Store.

Click here for more info on Skizzz Game.

Sanofi Pasteur

October 2016

Interactive 4D has developped an interactive 3D vizualisation tool for the Sanofi Pasteur pharmaceutical group.

This training tool enables sales professional of Sanofi Pasteur to virtually present the Hexyon vaccine to medical professionals without having to carry it with them.

With this tool, they can visualize and manipulate in 3D the syringe, the packaging and the instructions leaflet.

Integrated into a business management software for iPad, this 3D viewer combines the benefits of being an interactive training tool, an innovative communication media and a powerful sales promotion tool.

July 2016

Launch of ComColors Digital, an interactive mobile application developped by Interactive 4D for ComColors Partners, a French training organization.

ComColors Partners has invented the ComColors model, an interpersonal communication model based on personality profiles that can be used in coaching as well as in training sessions (selling, management, personal development)...

ComColors Partners and its certified coaches use the ComColors Digital mobile application during revolutionary training sessions in which the feed-back is not only given by the coach but by the participants themselves.

ComColors Digital is the first digital training solution in the field of personal development that enables participants to exchange their relational perceptions within small teams.

Thanks to this innovative mobile app., the coach/trainer can create and launch in real time quizzes and various types of exercices enabling participants to express their own perception to other team members.

Each participant can then visualize on his smartphone or his tablet the feed-back of other team members.

Thanks to the ComColors Digital app, coaches/trainers speak less and participants interact more with each other. As a side effet, more people can be trained in less time, which is one of today's biggest challenges of training organizations.




May 2016

Gamification and telemedicine : a European research project

Launch of www.polycare-project.com, the website of the collaborative project POLYCARE (POLY-stakeholders for integrated CARE for chronic patients in acute phases) in which Interactive 4D is a partner.

POLYCARE is a European Research and Innovation project in the field of telemedicine, aiming at developping a digital integrated care system. POLYCARE is funded within the European framework Horizon 2020. 

The most innovative digital technologies in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, machine learning and gamification techniques are involved.

In this project, Interactive 4D is responsible for the development of a gamified mobile application that connect medical professionals, to formal care givers, informal care givers and patients using wearable health measurement devices.

The other partners of the consortium are Everis (Spain, coordinator of the project), Servicio Aragones de la Salud (Spain), Comarca de Somontano de Barbastro (Spain), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V (Germany), Universitätsklinikum Bonn (Germany), Echosanté (France) and Plux – Wireless Biosignals S.A. (Portugal).





Skizzz Game-jeu multiplateforme

January 2016

Interactive 4D launches Skizzz Game, an awareness game aiming at raising awareness toward security rules among young skiers and snowboarders.

This 3D video game mainly targets kids and teenagers to help them understanding and respecting security rules while skiing or surfing: stretching, checking wheater forecasts, choosing an adequate equipment, protecting the skin and the eyes against the sun, respecting signs on the slopes and priority rules between other skiiers or surfers...


Skizzz Game has been designed and developped by Interactive 4D for the FNSSDS (Fédération Nationale de la Sécurité et des Secours sur les Domaines Skiables) with the help of the following French institutions:

. Ministère de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sports,
. Association Nationale des Maires de Stations de Montagne (ANMSM),
. Domaines Skiables de France (DSF),
. Syndicat National des Moniteurs du Ski Français (SNMSF),
. Association nationale des Directeurs de Pistes et de la Sécurité de stations de sports d'hiver (ADSP).

This interactive awareness tool can be played on a computer on a dedicated website of the French Ministery of the City, Youth and Sports http://www.preventionhiver.sports.gouv.fr/jeu-Video, and can be also downloaded on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets or on the App Store for iPhone et iPad.

Voeux 2016 Interactive 4D


January 2016

Best wishes for 2016 from Interactive 4D!

Click here or on the image to play this (not serious) game!

SGS Award


December 10th 2015

Interactive 4D has received the SGS Award during the Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA) organized by the Serious Games Society in Rome (Dec. 9-11th 2015).

A jury of European experts has ranked E-Calling Game second in the business category.

E-Calling Game is a training game created by Interactive 4D aiming at raising customer relationship skills over the phone.

Click here for more info on E-Calling Game


Play for free on http://www.e-callinggame.com.




October 29th 2015

Interactive 4D has been selected among the most promising European startups of the video game sector at the European Game Booster, organised during the Game Connection Europe 2015 exhibition in Paris.

Alexis Lacapelle, CEO of Interactive 4D, has presented the main realizations and the strategy of the company to a panel of international experts and investors.

 Wolves Summit

October 26th - 28th 2015

Come and meet us from Monday, Oct. 26th until Wednesday 28th at the Wolves Summit 2015, one of the largest European events dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship!

Hundreds of startups and investors will gather in Warsaw, Poland for this international conference, networking and pitching event.
More information on http://www.wolvessummit.com/en.


24 september 2015

Interactive 4D & its partner Transmedia Ready are among the ten startups selected by the French Embassy in the US for the inaugural session of the French-American Digital Lab in New York.

Interactive 4D and Transmedia Ready design educational games, transmedia experiences and creative services for cultural organizations, based on an interactive methodology and an innovative gaming platform.


Kicking off in November, the French-American Digital Lab is a creative lab and an economic development program for startups and content creators of the cultural sector. It aims at enabling them to adapt their product to the French and American markets, while developing partnerships with local members of the culture industry.

It was established by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and co-produced with Business France (international French agency for business development), and supported by the Institut français. The Program was launched within the framework of the French Tech New York City initiative and in connection with France’s objective to boost the visibility of its creative and cultural industries.


“The French-American Digital Lab is an innovative program that unites France and the United States around a common ambition: to promote the growth of French start-ups in the United Sates and U.S. start-ups in France. The digital revolution is an important element of our economic and cultural diplomatic policy, and we fully support innovative entrepreneurs; their work reinforces France’s attractiveness and competitiveness in today’s society,” stated Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

The ten selected projects represent a diverse sampling of France’s most promising and innovative cultural ideas today. They were chosen based on the following criteria: quality of the concept, team, and business model; innovativeness; potential for international growth of the start-up; and pertinence with regard to the current session’s theme, narration (including storytelling, transmedia, digital media, video games, journalism, and digital and paper publishing).


More info on the website of the French Embassy in the US.

 Photo Vercors 14

May 14th 2015

Launch of the Season 3 of Rewild!

Aftertheurban routesof Grenoble,Aix-Les-Bainsand Chamberyon May 1st,the Rewildmountain courses were openedon May 14thin the Bauges, Vercors and Chartreuse natural parks.

So, readyto join the rewilders community?

Rewildis an alternate reality adventure that takes place in three regional parks and three cities in the FrenchAlps.

More information on www.rewild.fr.

 Conf Azur Pro Com

April 21st 2015


 IMG 1389Low

March 26th 2015:

"Teaching virtues and economic contributions of serious games" in the E-Learning Expo / Serious Games in Paris, Porte de Versailles.


With otherserious gamespublishers, AlexisLacapelle,Director of Interactive4D,discussed about the e-learning designofthis innovative tool, itscontributions tothe training process,itsenterprise deploymentand the evaluationofthis resourcein qualitative andeconomic terms.




 March 24th to 26th 2015



play mobile tablet pc

February 2015

Interactive 4D launches Mission Refueling, a serious game developed for the TOTAL Group, one of the largest oil and gas companies and chemicals manufacturers  in the world.

Refuel safely with Mission Refueling!

Mission Refueling is a fun and interactive training tool designed to raise awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields. The target users are pilots of light airplanes and flight schools students. This game allows them to test their knowledge and improve their security reflexes.

In a 3D real time environment, the player plays the role of a pilot about to take off with his family. His mission is to execute all the phases of a successful refueling and avoide the risks associated with this exercise: misfueling (fuel error), sparks, fire, explosion, fuel vapor, storms, leaks, crashes...

This free game is available online on http://missionrefueling.com.

It can be also downloaded on Android smartphones and tablets from Google Play and on iPhones and iPads from the App Store.


Affiche voeux 2015 v3

January 2015

Best wishes for 2015!

Want some fun? Try this game!

Click here or on the image to play!

Free online game for PC and Mac

 10 Devenir -cocitoyen-pr-server la ressource en eau

November 2014

Aquacity Game referenced by the French National Eduation


This educational game based on the management of water supply networks, has been referenced by the Nice Academy as a digital resource to help teachers in the field ofwater resources protection and the discovery of jobs related to water management.


Aquacity Game joins Lake Adventures, serious games dedicated to the protection of alpine lakes, also referenced by the National Education (Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Nice,Orléans-Tours,Versailles academies) in the field of sustainable development.


Click here to see the AquacityGame file in the Digital Resources site of the Nice Academy.


 Aquacity Game - affiche horizontale





October 15th 2014

Interactive 4D launches Aquacity Game, an innovative serious game on the theme of public service management of drinkable water. Designed and developed by Interactive 4D for SICASIL (local association of towns for drinkable water in Cannes territory) and Lyonnaise des Eaux Côte d'Azur, Aquacity Game allows people of the Cannes territory to understand the daily management of tap water.


Play the role of a  water services manager!

Many missions are offered to the player to manage the supplies, transmission and providing of drinkable water directly to the tap, taking into account the risks concerning water resources (pollution, flooding, drought, climate changes...).

This free game is available on the website www.aquacitygame.fr and on smartphones/tablets to download on  Google Play for Android and for iPhone and iPad through the App Store.


TheAlps Awards 2014-09-17


September 17th 2014

ReWild wins the European Trophy TheALPS Awards 2014

ReWild, transmedia game of treasure hunt, designed by Interactive 4D for the 4 regional parks of the Alps and the association Grande Traversée des Alpes, has been rewarded at the symposium The ALPS 2014 including 8 regions of the Alps.

On the theme " Innovative Strategies of digital communication in the alpine tourism", a jury of European experts in tourism and digital marketing rewarded the game ReWild among thirty candidates.

This prize is the third one for ReWild, which had already received the award "Digital Tools in the service of the discovery of territories " and the jury's trophy during " Trophies of Innovation and Tourism in Rhône-Alpes " given by Rhône-Alpes Tourisme in 2012.

ReWild offers a unique experience to discover the Alps in combining hiking, quizzes and multimedia adventures.


La Confrerie de l Ombre-mobile


July 7th 2014

Interactive 4D launches "La Confrérie de l'Ombre", a mobile game aiming at raising artistic awareness, based on the discovery of the painting and sculpture masterpieces of the Louvre Lens museum.

Discover the first gaming track in the Louvre Lens on your Android smartphone or tablet on Google Play or on your iPhone or iPad on the App Store.


This treasure hunt is based on an original and interactive scenario. The gameplay is simple and adapted to teenagers, adults and families.

A thrilling adventure based a criminal investigation :
• Mysterious phenomenons affecting masterpieces in the Louvre Lens museum have been recently identified.

• The player's goal is to help Max Forza, a private investigator, to move forward in his investigations.

• Plus…Stay in contact with your friends thanks to the instant messenging and geolocation functionalities.


• Duration : 30 to 60 minutes.



April 11th 2014


Would you like to play with Art ? A new educational and gaming approach of museums by Interactive 4D !

A moving interpretation by Interactive 4D of "The Game of Knucklebones" (around 1734) by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, presented at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


IMG 0884 - Copie 

April 4th 2014


Interactive 4D is at the Mobile Bake-Off session of the Museums and the Web 2014 Conference in Baltimore (USA).


Interactive 4D presents The Great Baltimore Experience, an innovative, social and gaming city tour of Baltimore.


The Museums and the Web conference is dedicated to digital applications for museums and cultural places.

The great Baltimore Experience - Copie

April 2-5th 2014


Interactive 4D is attending the Museums and the Web 2014 Conference in Baltimore (USA) to present its new mobile application The Great Baltimore Experience.


Interactive 4D participates in the Museums and the Web conference, dedicated to digital applications for museums and cultural places.


At the conference, Interactive 4D will present The Great Baltimore Experience, an innovative, social and gaming city tour of Baltimore.

Click here for more information


Click here to download the application


January 28th-30th 2014


Interactive 4D will be at the SIME SITEM trade show in Paris


Join us from January 28th to 30th at the SIME SITEM, trade show promoting innovation for museums, at the A2-A4 stand in the Carrousel du Louvre-Paris.


Interactive 4D will present The Brotherhood of Shadow, an awareness game designed for museums, based on the discovery of masterpieces of painting and sculpture. This serious game is designed with each partner museum as an extensive police investigation, an adventure based on an interactive, transmedia and multiplayer scenario.

carte voeux 2014-2


January 12th 2014


All the best for 2014 !


Click on the image to see the video. 



Trophée innovation 2013

December 10th 2013


Interactive 4D receives the Innovation Award in Nice


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur in partnership with the Nice Matin Group held, Tuesday December 10th at the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, the fifth edition of the Eco Awards, with a dedicated forum for the innovative companies in the Alpes Maritimes.


The Innovation Award was given to Alexis Lacapelle, Director of Interactive 4D, for all his achievements in serious games.


November 20-21st 2013


Interactive 4D will be at the Serious Game Expo Show in Lyon

Find us at the Serious Game Expo Show, booth 24, Nov. 20-21st, at the Congress Center of Lyon.

Interactive 4D will present his latest games : E-Selling Game, dedicated to customer relationship POS and E-Calling Game, dedicated to customer relationship over the phone.

Free registration with the code "INTERAC13" on : www.seriousgameexpo.com

Total logo big

June 2013

TOTAL, one of the largest oil and gas companies and chemicals manufacturers  in the world, has selected Interactive 4D for the development of a serious game aiming at raising awareness towards security issues during refueling procedures on airfields.

More information soon !


June 29th 2013


ReWild, season 2.

For the second year in a row, Interactive 4D launches this transmedia game with 4 regional natural parks (Bauges, Chartreuse, Haut-Jura and Vercors) and the Association Grande Traversée des Alpes.

More info on www.rewild.fr.


E-Calling Image

May 14th 2013


A new selection for an Interactive 4D's serious game at the seriousgame.be show in Namur (Belgium).


E-Calling Game has been selected by the jury of SeriousGame.be conference, which will be held in May 14th in Namur (Belgium). E-Calling is an immersive behavior training game that leads the trainer in a virtual call center in 3D and allows him to slip into the shoes of a call center operator in order to improve his interpersonal skills.

E-Calling Game will be presented at the conference by Alexis Lacapelle, Director of Interactive 4D.

The game will compete with 18 other international serious games for the price "Now Belle".

lake adventures poster

April 30th 2013


Interactive 4D selected for the final of e-virtuoses in Valenciennes, with the serious game Lake Adventures.


Lake Adventures, serious game designed to raise awareness about environmental protection, has been selected by the international jury, from more than 55 candidates, for the final of the e-virtuoses Awards 2013 in Valenciennes. Meet us on June 5th for the results and the award ceremony !

 E-Calling Image

March 29th 2013


Interactive 4D presents a new version of E-Calling Game, a behaviour training game aiming at improving customer relationships over the phone.


E-Calling Game is an immersive behavior training game that leads the trainer in a virtual call center in 3D and allows him to slip into the shoes of a call center operator in order to improve his interpersonal skills.


A futuristic look gives pep to this new version. In a call center of the XXII century, robots have replaced humans as hotline operators. But they have no talent to deal with clients over the phone. Can you help them?

Click here for more info and test E-Calling Game.


Click on the above image to test this game.

January 2013


Enablon entrusts Interactive 4D for the realization of an awareness game about environmental protection.


More than 30,000 players worldwide have discovered this game designed for customers of this world leader in software solutions for sustainability management. This 2D platform game has been developed in English and French.


Six months after the launch of Lake Adventures, Interactive 4D confirms with this new game its expertise in the field of environmental awareness games.

January 8th 2013


Happy New Year !


December 12th 2012


Interactive 4D presents its serious games in Lyon at the TICE 2012 (Information and Communication Technologies in Education) Conference.


November 26th 2012


The transmedia game ReWild has been awarded twice at the "Trophées Innovation et Tourisme en Rhône-Alpes" by the Regional Committee of Tourism (Rhône-Alpes Tourisme) : with an award in the category "Digital tools for the discovery of territories" and with the Jury's Trophy "all categories".


ReWild is the first transmedia game dedicated to territorial promotion on such a large territory (4 regional nature parks - Bauges, Chartreuse, Haut-Jura and Vercors - and 4 cities - Chambéry, Grenoble, Aix-les Bains and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine -).


A second version is currently under development and will be officially launched at the begininng of summer 2013.


October 22nd and 23rd 2012


Interactive 4D will be present at the Serious Game Expo, booth n° 10, at the Congress Centre of Lyon. Join us on this unavoidable trade show dedicated to e-learning products and serious games. You will be able to test the new version of E-Calling, serious game about managing customer relation over the phone, designed for commercial counsellors and call center operators. You will also be able to play the Lake Adventures game, serious game raising awareness towards protection of water resources, preselected for the Serious Game Expo Innovation Award 2012.

rewild grand

September 7th 2012


Launch of the urban versions of the game ReWild in Chambéry, Grenoble and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. Registrations on www.rewild.fr/en-ville.

July 14th 2012


Launch of the game ReWild, free alternate reality game combining enigma, hiking and biking in the natural regional parks of Bauges, Chartreuse, Haut-Jura and Vercors. Many prices to win through a quiz until September, 30th, 2012...

More information and registration on www.rewild.fr.

Join the ReWilders community on www.facebook.com/ReWildLeJeu.

June 8th 2012


Official launch of Lake Adventures game in the presence of the designers and the press, in Aix les Bains, near the Bourget Lake. This video game is now downloadable for free on the site www.lake-adventures.com.


The game is designed for children from 5 to 15 years and raises awareness that young people should protect fauna and flora of alpine lakes, as well as water resources. A college's first year class was also invited to the launch, so that youg testers could test the 18 mini-games proposed and get familiar with the protection of lake environments.


May 2012


Just a few places left for the test in early June of ReWild, the first alternate reality game proposed in the Alps and the Jura. Registrations on http://www.rewild-tests.fr. More infos in this article of Progrès du 19 mai.


April 2012


Interactive 4D creates a virtual visit in 3D of the future Institut Claude Pompidou agaisnt Alzheimer's disease in Nice. This virtual visit is available on the the website of the Institute and has been presented to the President of the Republic on digital tablet iPad.

Lake Adventures

April 16th 2012


Interactive 4D presents in preview its new serious game, Lake Adventures during the conference B'Art TIC Times "Serious Game vs Real Life" à Sophia-Antipolis.


April 3rd 2012


Interactive 4D presents the contribution of serious games in the transmedia marketing strategies during the DevCom, forum for innovation and business development.

E-calling robotic

January 2012


Launch of the futuristic version of the serious game e-Calling Game. Robots have replaced humans at the commercial counsellors positions over the phone, in a call center. There is a problem : their interpersonal skills over the phone are catastrophic. Can you help them ? Demo on www.e-calling.fr.


December 2011


Interactive 4D wins the call for projects "Serious Games 2011" from Pôle Images Nord Pas de Calais with the project e-Selling, serious game of negotiation training. This project is developped in partnership with Skema Business School and the GERiiCO laboratory of University of Lille 3.




December 2011


In partnership with the training firm DMM, Interactive 4D is selected by the Caisse des Dépots to organize training sessions based on serious games and aiming at developing managerial skills.

Logos GTA et PNR

October 2011


The tourism association of promotion Grande Traversée des Alpes entrusts Interactive 4D to design, implemente and manage an ARG - Alternate Reality Game, at the border between real and virtual world. This new type of "transmedia" game uses : . techniques from the video games, enigmas, puzzle games, géocaching... . modern communication tools (smartphone, sms, Flash codes, internet sites, blogs, social networks...) . audiovisual promotion (films, photo and video reports)


The game, designed and developed in a collaborative way, aims at increasing the summer hiking tourism in four natural regional parks : Bauges, Chartreuse, Vercors, Haut-Jura. Young adults (18-26 years) are the main target.

Interactive 4D - Company poster

September 6th to 8th 2011


Interactive 4D exhibits at the trade show E-learning Expo in Seoul (South Korea).

June 2011


The National Association for Continuing Education of Staff Hospital (ANFH) entrusts Interactive 4D to develop e-learning tools (Flash technology) and 3D animations.

ITycom - screenshot

June 2011


Interactive 4D announces its partnership with ITycom and presents six new serious games dedicated to human resources and customer relationship.


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April 28th 2011


Interactive 4D communicates in the weekly The New Economist (front and back cover 28/04/2011).


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Interactive 4D - relation client

April 5th to 7th 2011


Interactive 4D at the trade show Customer Strategy in Paris (Porte de Versailles, Hall 1, stand F43) .