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The serious game Lake Adventures aims at raising awareness among children and young teenagers of the protection of water resources.

Designed for an audience of children and young teenagers, it helps kids discovering the richness and fragility of lakes and rivers in the Alpine regions. It also highlights the need to protect the flora and fauna of these remarkable places. 




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The serious game Lake Adventures can be downloaded for free on a dedicated website since June 2012. 

It has been presented at events related to the protection of water resources by the European partners of this project and is used in various schools in France and in Europe.

Lake Adventures is officially recognized in France as a digital educational tool for schools in the field of sustainable development by the ministry of Education, as listed on its web portal Eduscol, and by several regional educational authorities (regional "académies" of Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Nice, Orléans-Tours, Versailles...).



The game is developed in various languages (French, English, Italian, Slovenian) to allow its use in several European countries, it is composed of the following elements :

• an environment in real time 3D (3D immersion) representing a mountain region, a large lake and several mountain rivers, 

• 18 mini-games showcasing water-related educational issues (fight against groundwater pollution, introduction to organic farming, understanding of wastewater treatment methods, discovery of the food chain...),

 numerous living species that we modelized and animated in 3D in a realistic way : 

• mountain animals (fox, boar, chamois...) 

 lake species (Florida turtle, pond turtle, frog, beaver...) 

• birds (kingfisher, ash curlew, swan mussel, eurasian bittern, great crested grebe, grey heron, black kite...) 

 fishes and crustacean (pike, carp, lavaret, perch, artic char, white-clawed crayfish...). 

• A well-known Alpine legendary animal, the dahu, who helps the player before and after each mini-game. 


Some of these mini-games can be played online with other players simultaneously (multiplayer mode). 


Lake Adventures is an immersive 3D awareness game including three aspects : 

• Fun : developed and tested with young players in order to maximize impact. 

• Education : validated by educational experts specialized in environmental awareness for young audience. 

• Science : validated by hydrology experts and specialists of the wildlife, fauna and flora presented in the game. 

Developed under the supervision of CISALB (Comité Intersyndical d'Aménagement du Lac du Bourget), based in Chambéry (French Alp mountains), this project is part of the European Project SILMAS (Sustainable Instruments for Lakes Management in the Alpine Space). 

This project was developped in partenrship with several organizations specialized in the awareness and protection of Alpine lake environments in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia.



June 2013 : Lake Adventures is selected for the final round of the E-virtuoses Awards conference (June 4th and 5th 2013 in Valenciennes, North of France). Click here to watch the interview of Interactive 4D on the site of the magazine Ludovia.


October 2012 : in the news : Lake Adventures is nominated for the "Innovation Award 2012" by the Serious Game Expo comittee in Lyon.


June 12th 2012 : Click below to watch the documentary made by the French TV channel France 3 Alpes :