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Customer relationship training over the phone (E-Calling Game)

prix-2 December 10th 2015: A jury of European experts from the Serious Games Society gave a "European Serious Games Award" to E-Calling Game (ranking second in the in the business category) during the ‪Games And Learning Alliance Conference that took place in Rome from Dec. 9th until Dec. 11th 2015.

An innovative training tool

E-Calling Game-player view

Training goal : mastering the art of customer relationship over the phone

E-Calling Game is an immersive behaviour training game that leads the trainer in a virtual call center in 3D and allows him to slip into the shoes of a call center operator in order to improve his interpersonal skills.

He will have access to a serie of exercises divided into different modules, each of them corresponding to one aspect of customer relationships over the phone.

Who is this for :
• Call center operators
• Customer advisors and  commercial counsellors dealing with phone calls.

Training goal :
• Raising awareness of the relational aspects of customer relationships over the phone
• Training to the different phases of a sales or claim dialog with a customer over the phone (discovery of the customer's needs, right words and questions, objections, claim management...)
• Training by example with realistic dialogues recorded by actors
• Interactive exercises with immediate correction
• Final and detailed evaluation exportable to a SCORM platform.

Training context :
• Self-training modules on the top of traditional training
• Individual challenges between call center operators
• Collective challenges for teams.

Increasing difficulty levels:

Level 1 - Choosing the right words
Level 2 - Choosing the right expressions
Level 3 - Listining art and attitudes
Level 4 - Claims management, hard customers.
Topics: Active listening, Waiting on the phone, Choose your words, Be clear and precise, How to handle objections, Handle a claim, Customize a phone call, Be positive during a call, How to direct a call, Work on voice and smile, How to ask the right questions.


E-Calling Game level management

Type of game: Interactive role playing game in 3D real time.

Scenario :  the player plays the role of a new employee in a futuristic call center who is helping robots to improve their communication skills over the phone. The player' goal is to succeed in helping them and thus increase the satisfaction rate of the customers.

E-Calling Game Level1   

3D immersion and realistical simulations:
• 3D movements in a virtual call center,
• Scenarios staging call center operators and customers online,
• Audio recordings realized by professional actors,
• Realistic behaviour simulations (reactions of customers over the phone, attitudes of the call center operators).


Intuitive interactions:
• Clear and efficient interfaces,
• Immediate and intuitive gameplay, even for a non-technophile player,
• The player move inside his call center and interacts with the robots using his mouse and keyboard,
• Assessment and advice adjusted to the user level,
• The game can be paused and replayed as much as needed,
• Online help available at any moment.


An automatic training evaluation

In the "Free" mode, players have access to the results of their last sessions.


In the "Pro" mode, players have access to even more detailled reports that track their evolution and compare them with other players:
. Detailed history of the player's previous scores,
. Average of the past player's scores,
. Average of the scores of other players.


E-Calling Game scores English


E-Calling - scores detailles



The "Manager" mode gives a trainer the possibility to create a group of student and to access to even more detailed data of his group:
. Connexions and scores history of each player of the group,

. Average score of the group for each exercise,

. Repartition of the scores of the group for each exercise.


Data are displayed in graphics and spreadsheets that can be exported in Excel format and reused in external documents.

Another cool feature of the "Manager" mode is the authoring tool, which enable a trainer to :

. create on the fly quizzes which look like dialogs between robots and the player,

. assign them to the robot he/she wants in the 3D environment, so as to structure the game with a customized training progression,

. and launch them immediately in the game.


E-Calling Game quiz creation



E-Calling Game Mail   

In the  modes "Pro" and "Manager", an internal email system enables a direct communication between the trainer and the students:
. Sending a message to one person,

. Sending a message to the entire group, 

. Sending a copy of the message to the receiver's email adress,

. Listing the received and sent messages.

Optional customization :
• Specific training content (sales argumentation, technical hotline, IT security, CRM software simulation...) ,
• New 3D environnement, new avatars,
• Customized data processing (integration with a LMS, a gamification system or with real life data...)

E-Calling Game personnalisé


• French, English
• Other languages upon request.

Duration :
• In the "Free" mode : 23 minutes ,
• In the "Manager" mode : the duration can be configured by the trainer for his group of students.


Subscription modes:




Recommended usage Discovery Training / Recruitment Training / Recruitment
24h/24 access, 7/7 Oui2 Oui2 Oui2
Free usage, no annual commitment Oui2 Oui2 Oui2
Possibility to customize the training content (Authoring tool) Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Regular updates of the content Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Detailed scores history Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Score averages Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Leaderboard Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Export of the scores in Excel format Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Emailing between the trainer and players Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Hotline via email Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Hotline via telephone
(Monday-Friday 9am-6pm)
Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Supervision of a group of players Non2 Non2 Oui2
Mass recording of a list of players Non2 Non2 Oui2

Customization of the content and of the scenario by Interactive 4D





Customization of the graphics by Interactive 4D

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