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Customized learning projects

Training simulation

The "Contractor Management Simulation" is an interactive training simulation developed by Interactive 4D for the group BP in the USA.

It aims at raising awareness towards the importance of building strong relationships with suppliers.

This simulation is structured in 3 rounds:
. building strong relationships and an effective resource allocation
. preserving value through contract management
. leading through the contract

Trainers can connect in an admin mode and add new players, create groups and supervise their results. 






Awareness and knowledge training game

In June 2019, RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, the public transport operator of the Paris region) contracted with Interactive 4D for the development, hosting and maintenance of a serious game with the aim to raise awareness and knowledge about competitive bidding processes.

Dedicated to the management staff of the 16 Ile-de-France bus centers of RATP, this serious game was deployed in 2020-2021 among a thousand users. The system was accessible online through the RATP e-learning platform via the SCORM standard.

The users participated autonomously, either individually or in small groups, and were assisted by the RATP organizational team.

The game consisted of a simulation of a call for tenders and was structured in several phases: a phase of acculturation to the processes of calls for tenders and discovery of the virtual call for tenders, followed by several phases of reflection and drafting of a technical and financial offer and finally an oral presentation to a jury by a small team for each of the 16 bus centers.

The training game developed by Interactive 4D included a complete set of tools:
. learning tools (documentary resources, videos, FAQ ...)
. knowledge assessment tools (quiz, spaces for writing and submitting deliverables, etc.)
. collaborative working tools (messaging, notepad, surveys, action plan, etc.)
. decision support tools (SWOT matrix, gauges, etc.)
. reporting tools (assignment of tasks, timesheets, deliverables, etc.)
. multi-level functionalities of supervision and statistical analysis for managers and organizers (connections, results to quizzes, responses to surveys, etc.).

Technical training game

"Choeur 2 métiers" is an interactive training game developed by Interactive 4D for the French electricity group ENEDIS. 

Thanks to the 9 workshops of this training game, Enedis technicians can test their knowledge related to the procedures and norms of civil and electrical engineering at stake on a works site.

Learners play in teams during an onsite training session, under the supervision of trainers who can launch and animate the 9 workshops. Several workshops include a training on real technical equipments.

Several types of games are proposed, among which an immersive 3D experience in a works site, quizzes, drag and drop exercices, puzzles... 

Trainers can connect in an admin mode and add new players, create teams, launch new workshops and follow the progression and score of each player.

The game has been selected in the final round of a nationwide contest within Enedis.


Enedis, formerly known as ERDF (Électricité Réseau Distribution France), is a large state service group, subsidary of EDF. Its mission is to manage and maintain the public distribution network of electricity for 95% of the French continental territory. Every day, its 38,700 employees oversee the operation, maintenance and development of a nearly 1.4 million km network.











Gamified interactive onsite discovery

Interactive 4D has developed an onsite interactive discovery tool for Toulouse 1 Capitole University in cooperation with its partner Alezzi.

This e-learning tool enables students of this prestigious university to discover all the services of their libraries in a playful way while visiting them. Quizzes and "drag and drop" exercices contribute to the gamified dimension of this innovative tool.

It was designed for iPad in French and in English and can be played in a webbrowser.


Toulouse 1 Capitole University is a public university which originated from the Faculty of Canon Law created in 1229 by King Saint Louis. Today, it is a Law, Economics and Management University whose priority is the emphasis on international networks so as to promote scientific collaborations as well as students’ and researchers-lecturers’ exchanges. Among its teachers and researchers is Mr. Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize in economics in 2014.

Toulouse 1 Capitole University is the only French university in the top 50 of the Shanghai World Academic ranking in Economics/Business studies. 

Alezzi is a French agency specialized in digital pedagogy that creates innovative and interactive tools to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and of know-how.

LMS and multilingual e-learning modules

Interactive 4D has developed an e-learning plateform and interactive e-learning modules in cooperation with the training organization Alezzi for Wirquin, a French industrial group.

Thanks to these training tools, all employees of the group can follow a training program about the history of Wirquin and about its prducts. Interactive 4D developed the following components:

i4D Access platformTM, a fully customizable LMS (Learning Management System) that serves as a portal for the training contents.

. Three Interactive e-learning modules in the i4D LearningTM format that are accessible in autonomous mode on a computer, smartphone or tablet. These tools have a gamified dimension thanks to numerous visual animations, quizzes and "drag and drop" exercices.

The original content, in French, was translated into five other languages corresponding to the main languages spoken in the Wirquin group (French, English, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and Chinese). The interactive modules were then integrated in the internal Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Interactive 4D for Wirquin.


Wirquin is one of the leading French manufacturer of domestic sanitary products and accessories. Wirquin has 6 production units, 1335 employees and market its products in more than 60 countries.

Alezzi is a French agency specialized in digital pedagogy that creates innovative and interactive tools to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and of know-how.


Wirquin dans le monde

Wirquin dans le monde


Virbac e-learningEN


Virbac e-learningF

Interactive e-learning modules

Interactive 4D has developed interactive e-learning modules that have been designed by its partner Alezzi for the pharmaceutical veterinary group Virbac.

These e-learning  tools enable managers to learn online the salary policy of their group and to take decisions regarding salary levels of their teams in accordance with the critera defined by Virbac.

The tools have a gamified dimension thanks to numerous visual animations, quizzes and "drag and drop" exercices.


Three versions were developed, corresponding to the three main languages spoken in the group (French, English, Spanish) and a voice over was added in each language. The three modules were integrated in the internal Learning Management System (LMS) of Virbac.


Virbac is the 7th pharmaceutical group for animal health in the world. Its offer includes a large portfolio of vaccines and medicine that allows the prevention and treatment of the main animal pathologies and a range of nutrition products for animals.

Alezzi is a French agency specialized in digital pedagogy that creates innovative and interactive tools to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and of know-how.

Interactive 3D viewer


Interactive 4D has developped an interactive 3D vizualisation tool for the Sanofi Pasteur pharmaceutical group.

This training tool enables sales professional of Sanofi Pasteur to virtually present the Hexyon vaccine to medical professionals without having to carry it with them.

With this tool, they can visualize and manipulate in 3D the syringe, the packaging and the instructions leaflet that Interactive 4D has modelized in 3D.

Integrated into a business management software for iPad, this 3D viewer combines the benefits of being an interactive training tool, an innovative communication media and a powerful sales promotion tool.




Sanofi Pasteur






Interactive mobile application

Interactive 4D has developped ComColors Digital, an interactive mobile application for ComColors Partners, a French training organization.


ComColors Partners has invented the ComColors model, an interpersonal communication model based on personality profiles that can be used in coaching as well as in training sessions (selling, management, personal development)...


ComColors Partners and its certified coaches use the ComColors Digital mobile application during revolutionary training sessions in which the feed-back is not only given by the coach but by the participants themselves.


ComColors Digital is the first digital training solution in the field of personal development that enables participants to exchange their relational perceptions within small teams.


Thanks to this innovative mobile app., the coach/trainer can create and launch in real time quizzes and various types of exercices enabling participants to express their own perception to other team members.


Each participant can then visualize on his smartphone or his tablet the feed-back of other team members.


Thanks to the ComColors Digital app, coaches/trainers speak less and participants interact more with each other. As a side effet, more people can be trained in less time, which is one of today's biggest challenges of training organization.

E-learning platform, sales training game and interactive training tools


Sherpa Consulting, a French training and coaching organization based in the Paris region, has partnered with Interactive 4D since 2014 to develop a series of e-learning tools that are used together with its onsite training sessions:

. i4D Access platformTM, a fully customizable LMS (Learning Management System) that serves as a portal for various training contents.

. A serious game to train bank business agents in the field of customer relationship management. Based on E-Calling Game, Interactive 4D's off the shelf serious game, its training content has been fully customized and include dialogs with avatars, quizzes and drag and drop exercices that are adapted to the banking environment of a major French retail bank. 

. Interactive e-learning exercices that can be used during training sessions on a computer, smartphone or a tablet. Based on the i4D RealTimeTM technology, they enable a real time supervision and interaction between the trainer and the partipants.

. Interactive e-learning modules in the i4D LearningTM format that are accessible in autonomous mode on a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Thousand of employes in the banking sector (Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Epargne, La Banque Postale...), have been using these tools since 2014.


Plateforme i4D Learning

E-Calling Game personnalisé

E-Calling Game-suivi des scores

ANFH Multi

Interactive training solution

The Association Nationale pour la Formation du personnel Hospitalier (ANFH), an institution dedicated to training all hospital employees in France) has worked with Interactive 4D to develop an interactive version of its traditional e-learning module Multi+.


The  Multi+ solution enables hospital workers to better understand their professional environnement, the organization of their institution, the major milestones of professional careers within the public hospital sector and to develop a common culture.


Interactive 4D has completed various tasks within this project:

. Transformation of a static PowerPoint presentation into a dynamic and interactive i4D LearningTM module that can be used in group training sessions by trainers across all French regions.

. Creation of interactive quizzes and drag & drop exercices.

. Modelization and animation of 3D characters to illustrate the different phases of a professional career within the public hospital sector.

. Production of artificial voices and integratation into the 3D animations. 


More the 15 000 employees have been trained thanks to the Multi+ solution.