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Parkinson - Multidisciplinary training (suPer)

suPer platform

suPer is an ongoing collaborative European project financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme. Five partners from four European countries (France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) are involved.

The suPer project aims to provide a digital multidisciplinary training to effectively face:

1) The expected increase of people with PD (estimated high prevalence),

2) The progress of PD (due to ageing population) which has an economic impact on the health and care systems, society, professionals, caregivers and people with PD themselves,

3) The lack of knowledge on Integrated Care models adapted to the real needs of People with PD and their relatives/caregivers, through providing training for members of multidisciplinary teams,

4) The People with PD’s poor digital skills related to health and care management which has a direct link with their autonomy.

One of the results of the suPer project will be a training course for members of multidisciplinary care teams. This training course will be integrated in an open interactive e-learning platform.

You can follow the progress of the suPer project on its website.




European partners

The project is coordinated by the Lund University (Sweden), with in total six partners from France, Greece, Italy and  Sweden:

POLIBIENESTAR (coordinator of the project)

. ISRAA (Italy)

Parkinson Madrid (Spain)

. IFIC (International Foundation for Integrated Care, France)

Interactive 4D (France)



suPer in Treviso - December 2022



December 15th - 16th 2022

Second transnational meeting

The second transnational meeting of the suPer Project was organized in Treviso (Italy) on December 15th and 16th 2022 in the office of ISRAA (Italian partner).



May 28 - 29th 2022

Kickoff meeting

The kickoff meeting of the suPer project was organized in Valencia (Spain) on May 28th and 29th 2022 at the office of POLIBIENESTAR.

POLIBIENESTAR is a research institute belonging to the Universitat de València (Spain) and the coordinator of the suPer project.