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What we do

Since 2010, Interactive 4D designs and develops innovative AI-powered serious games and gamified e-learning tools to meet the growing needs in the fields of:

. Professional training (learning games and simulations, LMS plateforms and gamified e-learning modules).

. Education for schools, smart cities and smart territories that want to promote their cultural and natural heritage or raise awareness among citizens towards topics of general interest like culturalenvironmental or security issues.

. E-health (health assessment tools, telemedicine, health education of patients, training of healthcare professionals).








Affordable and innovative training tools

Interactive 4D adapts its approach to your needs and to your budget: 

    • Design and development of bespoke serious games and gamified tools
    • Distribution of Off-The-Shelf serious games

    • Customization of some of these Off-The-Shelf serious games.


Professional training... 

Off The Shelf training games:
     • Business strategy

     • Negotiation / customer relationship management 

     • Change management

     • Project management.





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...and public awareness

Awareness games have been developped to raise awareness towards the following topics :
     • Biodiversity / Environmental protection
     • Promotion of tourism and territorial development
     • Artworks and cultural heritage
     • Safety procedures on airfields
     • Security rules on winter slopes.


Customizable solutions

Most off the shelf serious games we propose can be tailored to fit your exact needs:

• Adaptation of the educational content to your organization and your teams,
• Multilingual translation to allow international use,
• Customization of sound and graphic environments.

custom serious games






A multidisciplinary development team

Under the supervision of Alexis Lacapelle, CEO, a team of educational design specialists, game designers, project managers, 2D / 3D graphic artists and computer engineers specialized in the latest video game technologies, offers a state of the art expertise in the design and development of serious games.


Distance or face to face training  ?

Some management serious games can be played without a trainer (traditional e-learning mode), who can remotely access detailed reports of the player's scores and playing behaviour. The trainer's role can be reinforced though through distance or face to face training sessions between game phases.
Other serious games require the presence of a trainer during the game sessions (blended learning mode). He will lead then the following phases:
1) briefing,
2) game session / simulation,
3) debriefing and conclusion.

 distance face training

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Powerful and modular development tools

Our technological strategy is based on the use of open and evolutive software tools. This allows the quick development of 2D / 3D serious games and e-learning modules with the following characteristics:

• online accessibility,
• multiplatforms (PC / Mac, tabletts, smartphones ...),
• 2D or 3D graphic environments,
• availability in different languages,
• monoplayer or multiplayer mode,
• Live reports on connections and scores,
• transmedia,
• secured modes.



Advanced training tools based on research and innovation


Interactive 4D designs and develops powerful algorithms and interactive artificial intelligence engines:
• VIC Engine ™ (Verbal Interactive Communication),
• NoVIC Engine™ (Non Verbal Interactive Communication),
• BeSim Engine™ (Behaviour Simulation),
• BeTrack Engine™ (players' Behaviour Tracking)
• DataPro Engine™ (Data Processing)

The research and innovation program of Interactive 4D is backed by Bpifrance, France's public investment bank.




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Gamification and telemedicine : a European research project

Interactive 4D is a partner in the POLYCARE project (POLY-stakeholders for integrated CARE for chronic patients in acute phases). POLYCARE is a European Research and Innovation project in the field of telemedicine, aiming at developping a digital integrated care system.

POLYCARE is funded within the European framework Horizon 2020. The most innovative digital technologies in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, machine learning and gamification techniques are involved.

In this project, Interactive 4D is responsible for the development of a gamified mobile application that connect medical professionals, to formal care givers, informal care givers and patients using wearable health measurement devices.

The other partners of the consortium are Everis (Spain, coordinator of the project), Servicio Aragones de la Salud (Spain), Comarca de Somontano de Barbastro (Spain), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V (Germany), Universitätsklinikum Bonn (Germany), Echosanté (France) and Plux – Wireless Biosignals S.A. (Portugal).

An educational offer based on strong educational and technical partnerships

Interactive 4D has strong links with French clusters :

• the SCS world competitiveness cluster, specialized in Secured Communicating Solutions, federates in the French region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur actors of the following sectors : microelectronics, software, telecommunications, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Cap Digital, the French business cluster for digital content and services that supports innovative SMEs with the aim of making the Paris Region one of the most innovative European region in the field of digital innovations. It regroups more than 1000 members which are primarily innovative SMEs but also major universities, higher education establishments, research labs, and corporations focused on a specific technology-driven industry.

• Louvre Lens Vallée, a cluster, specialized in cultural digital innovations. It gathers around the Louvre Lens museum companies, training and research organizations and actors of the cultural and ICT fields, communication, culture and education.

Interactive 4D is also member of the edtech cluster Educazur and of the French Tech Côte d'Azur community, both located in the South East of France.


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