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Career management (Path 4 Career)


Path 4 Career is an ongoing European collaborative project that has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. It lasts from 2018 to 2020.

The project aims to:
. Improve the skills of the partner organizations to deliver quality training in career management, soft skills (complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, co-ordination with others, analysis and decision making) and internship for graduates.
. Develop soft skills and career management skills of education graduates through workshops.
. Disseminate the outputs of the project through a European network of organizations involved in adult education.

You can follow the progress of the Path 4 Career project on its website or on its Facebook page.


Intellectual outputs

To achieve these goals, three educational games will be created with the aim to help young adults achieving a faster professional insertion. The games will train players on the following topics:
. Career planning
. Soft skills in work situations
. Internship interviews.

The project will also endeavour to introduce its outputs into the training of a European network of organizations involved in adult education.

In this project, Interactive 4D is responsible for the development of two of the three educational games.



The partners of the project are:
Smart Educational Projects (Romania), coordinator
AcrossLimits (Malta)
Essenia UETP (Italy)
Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio / Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM, Spain)
MBM Training and Development Center (United Kingdom)
Interactive 4D (France).



 Path4Career-Salerno        July 8-12th 2019: Third learning activity in Salerno (Italy). The meeting was organized by Essenia UETP.


April 8-13th 2019: Second learning activity in Murcia (Spain). The meeting was organized by the Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM).



Nov. 27th to Dec. 1st 2018: First learning activity in Liverpool (UK). The meeting was organized by MCM Training and Development Center and was dedicated to the first intellectual output "Proactive Career Management".


October 25 - 26th 2018: Kickoff meeting. The meeting was organized in the city of Targu-Jiu (Romania) by SEP (Smart Educational Projects), the coordinator of the project.