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Career management (Path 4 Career)


Path 4 Career is a European collaborative project that has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. It last from 2018 to 2020.

The project aimed to:
. Improve the skills of the partner organizations to deliver quality training in career management, soft skills (complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, co-ordination with others, analysis and decision making) and internship for graduates.
. Develop soft skills and career management skills of education graduates through workshops.
. Disseminate the outputs of the project through a European network of organizations involved in adult education.

You can follow the design steps of the Path 4 Career project on its Facebook page.


Intellectual outputs

To achieve these goals, three educational games have been created with the aim to help young adults achieving a faster professional insertion. The games train players on the following topics:
. Career planning
. Soft skills in work situations
. Internship interviews.

The project also endeavoured to introduce its outputs into the training of a European network of organizations involved in adult education.

In this project, Interactive 4D was responsible for the development of two of the three educational games:

You can play the first game (Career Management) on a computer, or download the mobile app from Google Play or on the App Store.

You can play the second game (Soft Skills at Work) on a computer, or download the mobile app from Google Play or on the App Store.




The partners of the project are:
Smart Educational Projects (Romania), coordinator
AcrossLimits (Malta)
Essenia UETP (Italy)
Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio / Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM, Spain)
. MBM Training and Development Center (United Kingdom)
Interactive 4D (France).



 Path4Career-Salerno        July 8-12th 2019: Third learning activity in Salerno (Italy). The meeting was organized by Essenia UETP.


April 8-13th 2019: Second learning activity in Murcia (Spain). The meeting was organized by the Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM).



Nov. 27th to Dec. 1st 2018: First learning activity in Liverpool (UK). The meeting was organized by MCM Training and Development Center and was dedicated to the first intellectual output "Proactive Career Management".


October 25 - 26th 2018: Kickoff meeting. The meeting was organized in the city of Targu-Jiu (Romania) by SEP (Smart Educational Projects), the coordinator of the project.