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EducatioN LAB

Interactive 4D develops public awareness games to educate citizens of all ages. These games are educational digital tools for schools and organisations willing to use innovative and fun educational methods with their pupils, students or citizens. Each serious game is developped in partnership with experts of each specific sector.

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Water supply networks:

Aquacity Game is an innovative serious game aiming at raising awareness towards the complexity of managing water supply networks. Designed and developed by Interactive 4D for SICASIL (local association of towns for drinkable water in Cannes territory) and Lyonnaise des Eaux Côte d'Azur, Aquacity Game allows the young generation to understand the daily management of tap water.

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Protection of water resources:

Lake Adventures is a 3D immersive / real time serious game aiming at raising awareness towards the diversity of natural environnements and to the necessity of protecting endangered animals species and vegetation in mountainous sensitive locations.

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 Territorial promotion



Territorial promotion:

ReWild is an innovative hybrid adventure, between a trekking game and a transmedia Alternate Reality Game (ARG). This game is a quest that takes place in a virtual world and reality along a trekking path (by foot or mountain bike). It aims at developing trekking activities in the French mountains of the Rhône-Alpes and Jura regions among young adults.

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Artistic awareness:

La Confrérie de l'Ombre is an awereness game that enables players to discover painting and scultpture masterpieces. This Alternate Reality Game (ARG) can be created with each partner museum as a large police investigation and an interactive adventure based on a multiplayer transmedia scenario. The scenario and the gameplay are adapted to the educational objectives of the museum and can be integrated in a school curriculum.

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   Artistic awareness

 tgame augmented reality



Cultural heritage promotion:

T-Game is an innovative educational game concept designed for the promotion of touristic and cultural heritage sites.

This mobile game guides the players into a cultural discovery of museums, cities and natural areas.

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Airfield security:

Mission Refueling is a serious game developed for the TOTAL Group, one of the largest oil and gas companies and chemicals manufacturers in the world. Designed to raise awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields during refueling operations, this game allows pilots of light airplanes and flight schools students to test their knowledge and improve their security reflex behaviour. 

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   Mission Refueling




 Skizzz Game-jeu multiplateforme



Security on winter sport slopes:

Skizzz Game is a free awareness game that aims at raising awareness towards security rules and behaviours on ski and snowboarding slopes.

This interactive awareness tool is in French and can be played:

. on a computer (PC or Mac) thanks to the website dedicated to the prevention of accidents made by the French Ministery of Sports

. on Android smartphones and tablets via Google Play

.  on iPhone et iPad via the App Store 

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Beware! is a collaborative project including a serious game aiming at raising awareness among teenagers and at teaching them how to:

. protect their personal data in the online environment
. protect themselves against online harassment.

 Beware! is a European project financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme. It lasts from 2018 to 2020.

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