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Gamified visit of museums (La confrérie de l'ombre)

An innovative edutainment concept

"La Confrérie de l'Ombre" is a game aiming at raising awareness towards the artistic world. Based on the discovery of the painting and sculpture masterpieces of museums, this mobile game is designed with each museum partner as a vast criminal investigation, an adventure based on a multiplayer, interactive and transmedia game. The scenario and the gameplay are adapted to the educational aim and can be inserted upon request into governmental education programs.

The first gaming track of « La Confrérie de l'Ombre » is located in the Louvre Lens museum. It can be downloaded on an Android smartphone or tablett via Google Play and on an iPhone or an iPad via the App Store.

An exciting game based on a criminal investigation

Supernatural events have been noticed at night in some museums.

A secret society, "La Confrérie de l'Ombre", whose mission is to protect the artworks of museums, has commissioned Max Forza, a private investigator, to stop these mysterious phenomena.

The player's goal is to help Max Forza to move forward in his investigations.

La Confrerie de l Ombre-mobile



A revolutionary transmedia educational tool

The game "La Confrérie de l'Ombre" is a real educational tool that can be accessible via several interfaces :
• a downloadable application for Android and iPhone/iPad smartphones and tablets,
• a dedicated website,
• a game booklet available in the museums and downloadable from the game's website.

Educational contents can be of several types :
• awareness mini-games aiming at discovering general topics about art or a specific art work, the secrets of a masterpiece, the artist's inspiration, the historical context of creation...
• animated artworks seen through augmented reality,
• fictional videos,
• webdocumentaries with educational purposes.

A new type of cultural mediation

For partnering museums :
• The game is a cost-effective promotion tool that can boost the number of visitors.
• When developped for several museums in the same scenario frame, the game can help the cross promotion of museums that are close geographically or artistically :
   - In a single player version, players can be incited to play in other museums to continue their adventure and increase their score,
   - Alternatively, a multiplayer version can enable online collaboration or competition between players visiting differents museums (sharing of clues, discoveries, team game...).

For schools :
An innovative educational tool raising artistic awareness using modern communication tools, a language adapted to young users and topics from schools' curriculum.

For the players :
• a fun social learning tool with cool collaborative functionalities,
• Optional awards : investigator diploma, entries to the museum, art books...

For local authorities :

In partnership with territorial development organizations, the game can serve the touristic development of a territory.

 On site version (in the museum) 

Interfaces : mobile application and optionally a printed game book

Limited duration : 30 to 60 minutes.

A mobile game : mobile application including functionalities allowing to interact with the narrator and find clues in the museum via quizzes or augmented reality.
A social game : integrated instant messenger and geolocation allowing to communicate and locate other players on the gaming track. 

Transition with the optional web version possible before or after the visit of the museum. 



 La Confrérie de l'Ombre in the museum

La Confrérie de l'Ombre at school


Optional web version (outside of the museum)

Free and accessible basic features from the start of the game or progressively by moving forward in the game.

Advanced features available when the player has accumulated enough points or through a real purchase (freemium model) to accelerate his progression (direct contact with the investigator, purchase of clues ...).

Digital interfaces : PC / Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad smartphones and tablets.

Extended duration : up to several hours in one or more sessions.

Transmedia interactivity : animated artworks, mini-games, videos... 

A social game : online creation of player's communities who help each other to move forward in the investigation.