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Mission Refueling M

December 7th 2017

For the third year in a row, Interactive 4D has received a prestigious "European Serious Games Award" during the ‪Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA), organized by the Serious Games Society in Lisbon (Portugal) from Dec. 5th to 7th 2017.

A jury of European experts awarded the first prize in the business category to Mission Refueling, a serious game developed by Interactive 4D for the TOTAL group, one of the largest oil and gas companies and chemical manufacturers in the world.

Mission Refueling is a fun and interactive awareness game designed to raise awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields. The target users are pilots of light airplanes and flight schools students.

This interactive awareness tool can be played (currently only in French):

. on a computer (PC or Mac) on www.missionrefueling.com

. on a Android smartphone or tablet via Google Play

. on an iPhone or an iPad via the App Store

Click here for more info on Mission Refueling.


December 7, 2016

Interactive 4D has received a "European Serious Games Award" during the ‪Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA), organized by the Serious Games Society in Utrecht (Netherlands) from Dec. 5th to 7th 2016.

A jury of European experts has ranked Skizzz Game second in the business category.

Skizzz Game is an awareness game created by Interactive 4D that aims at raising awareness towards security rules and behaviours on ski and snowboarding slopes.

This interactive awareness tool can be played (currently only in French):

. on a computer (PC or Mac) thanks to the website dedicated to the prevention of accidents made by the French Ministry of Sports

. on a Android smartphone or tablet via Google Play

. on an iPhone or an iPad via the App Store.

Click here for more info on Skizzz Game.

SGS Award


December 10th 2015

Interactive 4D has received the SGS Award during the Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA) organized by the Serious Games Society in Rome (Dec. 9-11th 2015).

A jury of European experts has ranked E-Calling Game second in the business category.

E-Calling Game is a training game created by Interactive 4D aiming at raising customer relationship skills over the phone.

Click here for more info on E-Calling Game


Play for free on http://www.e-callinggame.com.




October 29th 2015

Interactive 4D has been selected among the most promising European startups of the video game sector at the European Game Booster, organised during the Game Connection Europe 2015 exhibition in Paris.

Alexis Lacapelle, CEO of Interactive 4D, has presented the main realizations and the strategy of the company to a panel of international experts and investors.


24 september 2015

Interactive 4D & its partner Transmedia Ready are among the ten startups selected by the French Embassy in the US for the inaugural session of the French-American Digital Lab in New York.

Interactive 4D and Transmedia Ready design educational games, transmedia experiences and creative services for cultural organizations, based on an interactive methodology and an innovative gaming platform.


Kicking off in November, the French-American Digital Lab is a creative lab and an economic development program for startups and content creators of the cultural sector. It aims at enabling them to adapt their product to the French and American markets, while developing partnerships with local members of the culture industry.

It was established by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and co-produced with Business France (international French agency for business development), and supported by the Institut français. The Program was launched within the framework of the French Tech New York City initiative and in connection with France’s objective to boost the visibility of its creative and cultural industries.


“The French-American Digital Lab is an innovative program that unites France and the United States around a common ambition: to promote the growth of French start-ups in the United Sates and U.S. start-ups in France. The digital revolution is an important element of our economic and cultural diplomatic policy, and we fully support innovative entrepreneurs; their work reinforces France’s attractiveness and competitiveness in today’s society,” stated Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

The ten selected projects represent a diverse sampling of France’s most promising and innovative cultural ideas today. They were chosen based on the following criteria: quality of the concept, team, and business model; innovativeness; potential for international growth of the start-up; and pertinence with regard to the current session’s theme, narration (including storytelling, transmedia, digital media, video games, journalism, and digital and paper publishing).


More info on the website of the French Embassy in the US.


TheAlps Awards 2014-09-17


September 17th 2014

ReWild wins the European Trophy TheALPS Awards 2014

ReWild, transmedia game of treasure hunt, designed by Interactive 4D for the 4 regional parks of the Alps and the association Grande Traversée des Alpes, has been rewarded at the symposium The ALPS 2014 including 8 regions of the Alps.

On the theme " Innovative Strategies of digital communication in the alpine tourism", a jury of European experts in tourism and digital marketing rewarded the game ReWild among thirty candidates.

This prize is the third one for ReWild, which had already received the award "Digital Tools in the service of the discovery of territories " and the jury's trophy during " Trophies of Innovation and Tourism in Rhône-Alpes " given by Rhône-Alpes Tourisme in 2012.

ReWild offers a unique experience to discover the Alps in combining hiking, quizzes and multimedia adventures.

Trophée innovation 2013

December 10th 2013


Interactive 4D receives the Innovation Award in Nice


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur in partnership with the Nice Matin Group held, Tuesday December 10th at the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, the fifth edition of the Eco Awards, with a dedicated forum for the innovative companies in the Alpes Maritimes.


The Innovation Award was given to Alexis Lacapelle, Director of Interactive 4D, for all his achievements in serious games.

E-Calling Image

May 14th 2013


A new selection for an Interactive 4D's serious game at the seriousgame.be show in Namur (Belgium).


E-Calling Game has been selected by the jury of SeriousGame.be conference, which will be held in May 14th in Namur (Belgium). E-Calling is an immersive behavior training game that leads the trainer in a virtual call center in 3D and allows him to slip into the shoes of a call center operator in order to improve his interpersonal skills.

E-Calling Game will be presented at the conference by Alexis Lacapelle, Director of Interactive 4D.

The game will compete with 18 other international serious games for the price "Now Belle".

lake adventures poster

April 30th 2013


Interactive 4D selected for the final of e-virtuoses in Valenciennes, with the serious game Lake Adventures.


Lake Adventures, serious game designed to raise awareness about environmental protection, has been selected by the international jury, from more than 55 candidates, for the final of the e-virtuoses Awards 2013 in Valenciennes. Meet us on June 5th for the results and the award ceremony !


November 26th 2012


The transmedia game ReWild has been awarded twice at the "Trophées Innovation et Tourisme en Rhône-Alpes" by the Regional Committee of Tourism (Rhône-Alpes Tourisme) : with an award in the category "Digital tools for the discovery of territories" and with the Jury's Trophy "all categories".


ReWild is the first transmedia game dedicated to territorial promotion on such a large territory (4 regional nature parks - Bauges, Chartreuse, Haut-Jura and Vercors - and 4 cities - Chambéry, Grenoble, Aix-les Bains and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine -).


A second version is currently under development and will be officially launched at the begininng of summer 2013.