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Interactive 4D designs and develops a large portfolio of interactive training tools, ranging from serious games to interactive e-learning modules and platforms.

Interactive 4D offers both services and products :

• Services : development of bespoke digital training tools, customized upon your training needs,

• Products : a portfolio of off-the-shelf training games. These off-the-shelf games are immediately available and can be seen as a training tool box for training organizations and companies who wish to organize innovative and playful training sessions rapidly and at reasonable costs. This offer is structured according to pedagogical topics corresponding to generic training needs of managers and sales teams.

 E-Selling Game - dialogue2

Gamify your training sessions

Games can be played online, against virtual or real players, preferably under the supervision of an expert trainer. They can be accessed:
• directly on a dedicated website like www.e-callinggame.com or www.e-selling.fr
• via our via our e-learning portal or platform i4D AccessTM
• or via your own e-learning platform / LMS (Learning Management System).

Some of these training games can be played autonomously, without the trainer. In that case, the trainer can check the results of the player and if needed organize a training session before and/or after the gaming sessions.

Other games are played simultaneously by several players and require an onsite trainer to assist the players. His role is to animate the game session during all training phases :
• Briefing before the gaming session,
• Monitoring / facilitation of the gaming session,
• Debriefing after the gaming session.



Distance training

i4D Learning





Digitize your training content

i4D LearningTM is a format of interactive e-learning modules that can be accessed independently by computer, smartphone or tablet.


They have been designed to distribute educational content to remote users, and simple, quiz-type or drag and drop exercises can be added.


E-learning modules are available for downloading or online. They can also be incorporated into your e-learning platform or into a platform specially developed by Interactive 4D.


When integrated into an e-learning platform, progress within the module and the scores from the exercises can be recorded and transmitted to the platform to let the trainer monitor the transmission and the full understanding of the pedagogical messages.

This data transfer can be in Scorm format, the most common data exchange format on the market, or in another format.


Go from e-learning to blended learning

i4D RealTimeTM is a format for interactive e-learning tools that can be used during training sessions and are accessible online on a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Whether or not as a game, they facilitate real-time interaction between the trainer and the trainees.


With a special interface, the trainer can monitor the results of each participant and activate or deactivate modules or functions based on training progress.

FaceToFace Training

ComColors Digital, a mobile tool developed for ComColors Partners,
a training body, to run its training sessions.




E-Calling - detailed scores



Quickly distribute your educational messages

i4D Access PortalTM  is a light Web portal adapted for a small amount of content and multi-platform access (computer, smartphone or tablet).

Even if the content is looked up independently from remote, the trainer/teacher using i4D Access PortalTM can monitor the student learning progress.


Structure the distribution of your e-learning content 

i4D Access platformTM  is a powerful e-learning platform, entirely customisable to your training needs.

Suited to training bodies and organisations distributing a large amount of e-learning content to a wide target audience, it allows trainers to:

. bring together all their e-learning content, irrespective of format, including serious games;

. adapt the distribution of e-learning content to the profile of each user;

. have available powerful monitoring and control tools;

. quickly create simple interactive exercises (multiple choice questions, quizzes etc);

. communicate with trainees using internal messaging.







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