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Professional training in healthcare


Below a few gamified training solutions designed by Interactive 4D in the healthcare sector.



MigCare - Care giving training platform

MigCare is an ongoing European collaborative project that has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

The aim of the project is to train immigrants in Greece, in Italy and in Austria through gamification tools so that they can work in the European care giving sector.

To achieve these goals, an online gamified e-learning platform is currently under development. It will include a training program based on educational contents created by the other partners of the project.

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Actimentia - Physical activity in dementia care

Actimentia is an ongoing European collaborative project that has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ program (KA2) of the European Union.

Its main objective is to promote among formal and informal caregivers of elderly people with dementia the benefits of physical exercises and activities which can be performed in their familiar living environment.

To achieve these goals, an online gamified e-learning plateform will be developped by Interactive 4D. It will include a program of physical exercices based on videos created by the partners of the ACTIMENTIA project.

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Virbac e-learningEN


Virbac e-learningF

Virbac - Gamified e-learning modules

Interactive 4D has developed interactive e-learning modules that have been designed by the company Alezzi for the pharmaceutical veterinary group Virbac.

These e-learning  tools enable managers to learn online the salary policy of their group and to take decisions regarding salary levels of their teams in accordance with the critera defined by Virbac.

The tools have a gamified dimension thanks to numerous visual animations, quizzes and "drag and drop" exercices.

Three versions were developed, corresponding to the three main languages spoken in the group (French, English, Spanish) and a voice over was added in each language. The three modules were integrated in the internal Learning Management System (LMS) of Virbac.


Virbac is the 7th pharmaceutical group for animal health in the world. Its offer includes a large portfolio of vaccines and medicine that allows the prevention and treatment of the main animal pathologies and a range of nutrition products for animals.

Alezzi is a French agency specialized in digital pedagogy that creates innovative and interactive tools to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and of know-how.

Sanofi - Interactive 3D viewer


Interactive 4D has developped an interactive 3D vizualisation tool for the Sanofi Pasteur pharmaceutical group.

This training tool enables sales professional of Sanofi Pasteur to virtually present the Hexyon vaccine to medical professionals without having to carry it with them.

With this tool, they can visualize and manipulate in 3D the syringe, the packaging and the instructions leaflet that Interactive 4D has modelized in 3D.

Integrated into a business management software for iPad, this 3D viewer combines the benefits of being an interactive training tool, an innovative communication media and a powerful sales promotion tool.




Sanofi Pasteur

ANFH Multi

Multi Plus - Interactive training solution

The Association Nationale pour la Formation du personnel Hospitalier (ANFH), an institution dedicated to training all hospital employees in France) has worked with Interactive 4D to develop an interactive version of its traditional e-learning module Multi+.


The  Multi+ solution enables hospital workers to better understand their professional environnement, the organization of their institution, the major milestones of professional careers within the public hospital sector and to develop a common culture.


Interactive 4D has completed various tasks within this project:

. Transformation of a static PowerPoint presentation into a dynamic and interactive i4D LearningTM module that can be used in group training sessions by trainers across all French regions.

. Creation of interactive quizzes and drag & drop exercices.

. Modelization and animation of 3D characters to illustrate the different phases of a professional career within the public hospital sector.

. Production of artificial voices and integratation into the 3D animations. 


More the 15 000 employees have been trained thanks to the Multi+ solution.