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Aquacity Game

Aquacity Game, a serious game to discover the water supply networks


Aquacity Game is an innovative serious game dedicated to the discovery of water supply networks. Designed and developed by Interactive 4D for SICASIL (a local association of towns in Cannes territory for drinkable water) and SUEZ (formerly Lyonnaise des Eaux) Côte d'Azur, Aquacity Game allows kids and teenagers to understand the way tap water is collected and delivered to their home.


Aquacity game can be played for free since October 2014:
. on a computer on www.aquacitygame.fr
. as a mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play and for iPhone and iPad devices on the App Store.

Play the role of a water services manager !


Many missions are offered to the player to manage the supply, transmission and delivery of drinkable water directly to the tap, taking into account the risks concerning water resources (pollution, flooding, drought, climate changes...). He has to make strategic and financial decisions (investments, diversification and protection of water resources, management of water leaks in the network...), taking into account technical, financial and environmental requirements in the short, medium and long terms.

Aquacity Game immerses players in a colorful and fun virtual world, reconstructing eight cities of the Cannes territory (South of France): Auribeau-sur-Siagne, Cannes, Le Cannet, Mougins, Pégomas, La Roquette-sur-Siagne, Théoule-sur-Mer and Vallauris Golfe-Juan.




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An educational tool dedicated to drinking water

Designed for a young public and their families, this serious game aims at presenting in a fun way the issues of a sustainable management of water resources. 


Educational targets :

- Discover the water business
- Raise awareness towards water conservation and water resources protection
- Raise awareness about complexity of the technical and budgetary management of tap water
- Understand the water issues and anticipate future needs of users (quality / quantity).


Goal :
The serious game is based on the principle of a management/strategy game. The player plays the role of a water services manager in the metropolis of Cannes.


Your mission : help us protect water !

Aquacity game immerses the player in a graphic world representing the Cannes territory (from the mountains to the sea).

The player develops his managerial skills by performing various tasks. He has to supply drinkable water to a new neighborhood, track leaks in the drinking water system, carry out repairs or renewal of the pipes.

Each operation is monitored by a virtual health authority who certifies the compliance and quality of the water distributed to residents.
In addition, the player faces the hazards affecting the public service of drinking water and must cope with emergencies such as droughts or accidental pollution of water resources.
As a manager, he must anticipate the needs for water of the population for the years to come and implement the necessary steps to preserve the environment for future generations.
The success of the game depends on management choices! All decisions have a direct impact on the budget of drinking water, the degree of user satisfaction as well as the reliability and sustainability of the service.


A multiplatform game

 Aquacity Game is available for free on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

On the website : www.aquacitygame.fr

For tablets and smartphones : through the App Store (for iPphone and iPad) and through Google Play (for Android tablets and smartphones)

A Facebook page dedicated to « Aquacity Game » delivers tips and good advice, but also relays news about water and environment for the Cannes territory.



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A free tool for schools

Aquacity Game is a serious game that can be used as a teaching support  for schools, college and high school (only in French so far).

The French association Méditerranée 2000 (association for education and awareness towards sustainable development in Cannes) uses the game as a tool for the "young" target to promote the themes of citizenship, man in his environment and respect for water resources. 

Aquacity Game has been referenced by the Academy of Nice (South of France) as a digital resource recommended for college and high school.

The game has also been part of a contest, that has been launched in March 2015, during the World Water Day, which closed the international decade of "Water for Life", managed by the World Health Organization. The players had the possibility to share their score on the website and the best players won prizes.