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Environmental awareness

Interactive 4D has developed the below awareness games to educate kids to topics related to environmental protection. These games are free educational digital tools for schools willing to use innovative and fun educational methods with their pupils. These serious games have been developped in partnership with experts of their sector.

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Water supply networks : Aquacity Game is an innovative serious game aiming at raising awareness towards the complexity of managing water supply networks. Designed and developed by Interactive 4D for SICASIL (local association of towns for drinkable water in Cannes territory) and Lyonnaise des Eaux Côte d'Azur, Aquacity Game allows the young generation to understand the daily management of tap water.

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Protection of water resources : Lake Adventures is a 3D immersive / real time serious game aiming at raising awareness towards the diversity of natural environnements and to the necessity of protecting endangered animals species and vegetation in mountainous sensitive locations.

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