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Security awareness

The following serious games aim at raising awareness towards security awareness. Although their application fields are very different, there are several similarities in the multiplatform architecture and in the pedagogical methodology of these innovative awareness games.


Aeronautic security :


Mission Refueling, a serious game designed and developed for the energy group TOTAL, is a fun and interactive training tool designed to raise awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields.

The target users are pilots of light airplanes and flight schools students as the refueling phase involves many risks that pilots must master perfectly.

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Mission Refueling



Skizzz Game-jeu multiplateforme



Security on winter sport slopes:


Skizzz Game is a free awareness game that aims at raising awareness towards security rules and behaviours on ski and snowboarding slopes.

Skizzz Game mainly targets kids and teenagers. Currently in French and English, it aims at informing and raising awareness towards security rules and behaviours applying to skiing and snowboarding.

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Cybersecurity : 

Beware! is a collaborative project including a serious game aiming at raising awareness among teenagers and at teaching them how to:
. protect their personal data in the online environment
. protect themselves against online harassment.

Beware! is a European project financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme. It lasts from 2018 to 2020.

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