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Customer relationship training in retail (E-Selling Game)




E-Selling Game is an immersive behaviour training game that leads the player in a 3D virtual shop and allows him to slip into the shoes of a salesman in order to improve his interpersonal and sales skills.

He can test his business performance through a serie of virtual dialogues staging all relational aspects involved in a face to face sale (verbal and non verbal communication).

Who is this for:
• Students in sales/business schools.
• Professionals: Salesmen/women, shop assistants, department managers, store managers.

Training context:
• Self-training modules to be used in conjonction with traditional training
• Animation of face to face training sessions
• Individual or collective challenges for salesteams.


An innovative training methodology

• Awareness to customer relationship for sales teams,

• Training through realistic scenarios with thousands of possible combination of dialogues,

• Training to the different phases of a sales dialog (discovery of the customer's needs, right words and questions, presentation of the offer, objections, sales' conclusion, additional sales...),

• Verbal and non verbal communication (gestures and facial expressions).


E-Selling dialogue

Type of game: Interactive role playing game in 3D real time.

Structure of the serious game :  the player plays the role of a salesman in a computer shop who is helping virtual customers to choose and buy the right product. The player' goal is to optimize its turnover as well as the satisfaction rate of the customers.


E-Selling aides   

3D immersion and realistical simulations:
• 3D movements in a virtual selling point,
• Realistic behaviour simulations (movements of customers, attitudes, reaction to the salesman, gestures and facial expressions).

• Clear and efficient interface,
• Immediately and intuitively play, even for a non-technophile player,
• The player moves inside his shop and interacts with the customers using his mouse and keyboard,
• Assessment and advice adjusted to the user level
• Replayable module.

• French
• Other languages upon request
• 5 minutes for players in the "Free" et "Pro" modes (without trainer supervision),
• Configurable duration in the "Trainer" mode for himself and its team of students.


An automatic training evaluation

In the Free mode, players have access to the results of their two last sessions:
Financial criteria:
. Turnover
. Additional sales
. Average sales amount
Qualitative criteria:
. Customers' satisfaction rate
. Number of successful dialogs
. Number of customers met
. Percentage of sucessful dialogs.


E-Selling-mes scores


E-Selling scores   

In the Pro mode, players have access to even more detailled reports that track their evolution and compare them with other players:

. Detailed history of the player's previous scores,

. Average of the past player's scores,

. Average of the scores of other players.


The "Trainer" mode enables to:

. Create a team of students/players,

. Check the connexions and scores history of each player of the team,

. Configure the duration of the game sessions,

. Launch challenges to the team with or without precise goals (turnover, customer's satisfaction, number of  sucessful dialogs).


E-Selling challenges




Subscription modes:




 Recommended usage Discovery Training Training
24h/24, 7/7 days access Oui2 Oui2 Oui2

Free usage, no annual subscription

Oui2 Oui2 Oui2

Full educational content

Non2 Oui2 Oui2

Regular content updates

Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Non verbal communication Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Detailled scores history Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Average scores Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Ranking / leaderboard Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Export of the scores in Excel format Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Challenge mode Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Email support Non2 Oui2 Oui2

Hotline by phone
(Monday-Friday 9am-6pm)

Non2 Oui2 Oui2
Player supervision Non2 Non2 Oui2
Bulk recording of players lists Non2 Non2 Oui2
Launch of challenges Non2 Non2 Oui2
Customization of dialogs and translations Non2 Non2 on request
Customization of graphic design Non2 Non2 on request
Access (currently only in French) Play the Free  mode Contact us for a demo

Monthly price   Free Contact us for a quote

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E-Selling Game has been developped in partnership with Skema Business School and le laboratoire GERiiCO de l'Université de Lille 3. This project has been rewarded by the call for projects "Serious Games 2011" of Pictanovo (formerly Pôle Images Nord-Pas de Calais).



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